Patterns are coming!

We are pleased announce that we will be publishing patterns for many of our outfits. Following is a list of the proposed initial release.

Dress patterns

  • Sack back Dress 1720-1780
  • 'Gainsborough' Dress c 1785
  • Round Gown and Spencer 1795-1820
  • Round Gown and Pelisse c 1800
  • Round Gown, Apron and Cloak Early 19th century. Patterns for dressing maids and peddlers.

Bonnet & Cap Patterns All dating from the early 19th century.

  • Closed Bonnet
  • Simple Day Bonnet
  • Trimmed Day Bonnet
  • Tall Crowned Bonnet
  • Caps: maid's cap, mob cap and calash

Petticoat Patterns

  • 1700's Petticoat 1700-1780 A simple petticoat to support the wide skirts of the 1700's
  • 1740's Petticoat c 1740 -1780 A complicated petticoat with "boning" to support the wide skirts of the 1700's
  • Princess Petticoat c 1828-1838 A petticoat with a bodice.
  • Dome Shaped Petticoat c 1838-58 Petticoat with corded piping for stiffening
  • Crinoline Petticoat c 1860 A cage petticoat with boning

• • •

If you have never sewn such tiny clothing before, we suggest you start with some underwear.

There are free patterns available which will give you a starting point and a method of working. These patterns should give you the confidence to approach more complicated garments.

We are great believers in making clothes that are removeable, either by simply untying a cord, or as a last resort, by snipping the barest minimum number of stitches.

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