Turkey Carpet

'Turkey Carpet' was a term used in the past by Europeans to describe carpets purchased in Turkey. Many of these carpets did not originate in Turkey at all, and today the term has been largely replaced by the term 'Persian Carpet'. Again, the modern term is used to describe carpets from all over the Middle East, not just those from modern Iran. 'Turkey Carpets' were also manufactured in Europe, taking traditional motifs and modifying their designs and colours to suit European tastes.

This Miniphile carpet is our re-creation of a carpet based on the Turkish pattern 'Elbistan'. The two colour scheme has always been popular where a more colourful rug is not appropriate, and our colours would have been considered just right for a furniture room, where red was thought to be an aid to digestion!

Note: The colours in the top carpet are worked as described in the kit, and are reversed in the lower, giving the carpet a quite different look. Which one you work is up to you!

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195mm x 235mm (7¾" x 9½")
Worked: £ 188.00
Kit: £ 38.00

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