Queen Anne Style Dolls

The style of English wooden doll authentically copied here by Miniphile began being manufactured during the reign of William and Mary (1688 -1702) - Lord and Lady Clapham in the Victoria and Albert Museum are a famous pair of dolls from this period, and the Museum of Childhood at Bethnal Green is a good place to see some of these dolls, including "The Old Pretender". They became known as 'Queen Anne' dolls despite the fact that the style lasted well into the Regency.

There is no distinction between the sexes - it is provided by wigging and costume.

Miniphile's "Queen Anne" dolls would be appropriate, when suitably dressed, in a house of any date in the 18th century.

Average height: 145mm (5¾")

Price: £ 55.00 undressed

We will dress dolls to order - see the Gallery pages for indicative prices and descriptions.


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